Ensemble Cento

Ensemble Cento was a young and professional chamber ensemble. The trademark for the ensemble was always to search for hidden contexts and therefore we summarised works that may seem very different, but by virtue of the concept of the concert, the immediate differences compliments each other.

We wanted to create a space where music, set design and atmosphere together create a seamless universe that embraces and integrates the audience. The starting point was always an artistic idea and we therefore chose our repertoire from themes to create a red thread through the performance.

Ensemble Cento existed 2013-2016 and started by performing the world known piece Pierrot Lunaire by A. Schoenberg. The concerts were a huge success with the audience, who managed to gather filled concert halls in both Musikhuset Aarhus and at LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen. The uniqueness lied in the ensemble’s ability attracting a young and curious audience, creating fertile ground for unconventional theme concerts.

Marie Sønderskov - flute
Hanne Kjærskov Nielsen - clarinet
Anna Jalving - violin & viola
Klara Skogqvist - cello
Hanne Marie le Fevre - vocal
Christian Pehrson Balvig - piano
Mathias Skaarup Sørensen - conductor

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy0pwncuFNUKLpKCto7QL1g