'Offertorium' is composed by Jeppe Ernst and was first performed in the concert hall of The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen in April 2018.

Performers: Astrid Grarup Elbo & Simon Løffler

Performers: Alexander Stæger & Lorenzo Colombo

Camilla Maike Juul & Hanne Marie le Fevre

Performers: Astrid Grarup Elbo, Alexander Stæger, Camilla Maike Juul, Hanne Marie le Fevre, Lorenzo Colombo, Simon Løffler.

Thou Art a Vessel

We are a music ensemble who meet to create a Sacred sanctuary in which we share beautiful music with one another & with members of the public.

Ania Rybacka (PL) - Vocalist
Lo Ersare (SE) - Vocalist
Hanne Marie le Fevre (DK) - Mezzo soprano
Nicole Hogstrand (SE) - Viola da Gamba
Arsen Petrosyan (AM) - Duduk
Mikkel Schreiber (DK) - Baroque viola
Nick Martin (UK) - Keyboard instruments

Documentation from the debut concert of 'Thou Art a Vessel', an international ensemble of seven musicians from five countries.

Ars Nova Copenhagen

Ars Nova Copenhagen was founded in 1979 and is widely recognized as one of the world's finest vocal ensembles. The ensemble's chief conductor and artistic director since 2003 is the acclaimed British conductor Paul Hillier.

The ensemble specializes in the interpretation of the polyphonic choral music of the renaissance and new vocal music. Ars Nova Copenhagen is also building collaborations with creative artists in different fields such as drama, film, and ballet, as well as cultivating new modes of concert performance and innovative repertoire.’

The group's performances are marked with precision and nerve and with a sound that attracts attention worldwide. With an annual concert season in Copenhagen and Aarhus, numerous concerts in the rest of Denmark and recurring tours worldwide, the group is now more in demand than ever.

Live performance from Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen, April 9th, 2017. Ars Nova Copenhagen and Paul Hillier. Amicus meus osculi me tradidit signo: Quem osculatus fuero, ipse est, tenete eum: Hoc malum fecit signum, qui per osculum ad implevit homicidium. Infelix praetermisit pretium sanguinis, et in fine laquaeo se suspendit.